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Renée Woodward is a born-and-raised Texan who comes from a long line of talented musicians. She is the daughter of singer-songwriter/cowboy poet, Rick Woodward. She is the granddaughter of Ernie Woodward, a successful 1940's bluegrass picker from the Cherokee Nation, whose late 1930's Gibson L-48 (nicknamed "Woody") she now plays.

Renée was raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, where the church was an influential part of her musical upbringing. Although the church was her first musical influence, she was surrounded by folk music as a child. As she grew into her teenage years she dove into Top-40 country and pop radio, attaching herself to the songs with strong melodies and lyrical content. All of these influences are heard in the songs she writes and sings today.

In 1993, Renée moved to Austin, Texas, to pursue her musical career. She paid her dues playing guitar and singing in the doorways of world-famous Sixth Street clubs, as well as open mics alongside the likes of Slaid Cleaves, Jimmy LaFave, Kacy Crowley, Billy Harvey, and many more. This is where she met many of the people who have helped her along the way.

In 1999, while in California on a writing assignment with Crowley, Renée recorded an unplanned off-the-cuff, 9-song live album called Dinner at the Palindrome. In 2004, she also released a live album recorded at the world-famous Cactus Café in Austin, titled, simply, Live at the Cactus Café. In 2006, she released her first studio album, All the Birds, recorded and produced by Harvey and Max Crace. She has spent much of her songwriting career writing music for motion picture soundtracks such as Outlaws; The Legend of O.B. Taggert, sharing music credits with Randy Travis and Larry Gatlin, among others. She has also written songs for other recording artists and independent films, such as Screen Door Jesus, where she lent her vocals as the lead actress’ singing voice. She is best known for her stint as the third member of one of Austin’s preeminent girl bands, The New Hot Damn (formally known as Braless), with Crowley and Trish Murphy. Renée has traveled the U.S. and Europe playing music for fans and making friends wherever she goes.

In 2009 Renée gave birth to a daughter, a point at which she decided to take a break from the business of music. She has returned and is ready to step back into her musical roots, releasing her first record in ten years. Renée traveled with her band to Lakehills, Texas, to record a brand new album which she and her eight-piece band recently released to two sold out shows at the Townsend in Austin. Addressing her audience, she offered these words: "Life often veers off in directions we don't anticipate or expect. My hope for you...and for that we always return to the thing we love. It is essentially who we are."

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Sea of Love

Renée's vision came to fruition when six of her favorite Austin singers came to sing an Acapella version of the classic song Sea of Love. Hear the full version on Renée's new record coming out in April 2017. Featuring: Trish Murphy, Kacy Crowley, Patty Lynn, Juliana Sheffield, Kate Howard, and Monique French.

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Sea of Love

Live at The Townsend

After receiving so many clips of this beautiful song, she couldn't resist compiling them into a video for you. Enjoy!

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Flashback to 2005

"Sometimes" was the single off of Renée's first studio album, All the Birds. This video was filmed in 2005 by Alexandra Valenti in a motel in South Austin. It features Trish Murphy, and Kacy Crowley, Woodward's bandmates in The New Hot Damn.

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A Few Thoughts from a Few Greats

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"A voice dripping of early Stevie Nicks."

Austin Chronicle

“Renee Woodward is a singer/songwriter whose impact is immediate. Her voice is sure and clear with some vulnerability and very expressive. Her songs are insightful and engaging. On top of that she’s pretty darn cute!”

Mark Andes (bass player- Heart and Dan Fogelberg)

“Renee sings with the sultry voice of a woman and the sweetness of a child. Amazing songwriting ability, offering great lyrics and melodies. Her performance is illuminating.”

Doug Clifford (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Gospel Brunch

El Mercado Austin TX 3-26-17

It was a thrill to hop up on stage and play Mayfly, the title track off my new record, with a few former bandmates and very dear friends. These amazing musicians had never heard the song. Love this town! Gospel Brunch is where it's at on Sunday mornings!

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